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Ballyhoo Too feat. Mach Spitz

from by Marcus Carab & Pals



let’s go toe to toe
I wanna see what y’all's bringing to the ring
i wouldn’t sing it if it wasn’t so cold
let’s clear the snow
make a path 'cause the circus trains coming
and it’s stopping in town now
sit and enjoy the show
i’m entering the centre ring,
weather aint a thing, do a matinee too
our menagerie zoo’s got a battery
and generator backing up the magic
of the travelling crew
and it’s ballyhoo true, but the attitude’s new
let’s batten down the big top, this just a
quick pitstop for the hip-hop
mixed with the pig slop tossed in the trough
for the dinnertime rush
i don’t minimize much, but spending time
standing in the snowstorm qualifies,
what have i done
i can mollify some of the bonafide bums
put ‘em in the sideshow when the circus comes
and i’d twiddle my thumbs
but i fear i’m gonna lose ‘em to the frostbite
i gotta find a fireside soon
life’s little but a lot to lose,
i’m on a highwire crosseyed blotto and i lost my shoes
if you can tolerate blues
follow all of my clues
it’ll lead you to the docks, i got a ship
coming in, but it’s in troubling straits,
i sit and hum and i wait, and let another summer come and go


from Rhyme Circus Winter Special EP, released March 24, 2014
Music by Grant Livesay




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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