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Beautiful Ping's [Phantom Ping Remix]

from by Marcus Carab



Remix of Marcus Carab's Beautiful Things


i don't wanna hold the world on a string
I don't wanna be at the mercy of the mood of the king
Nah, I just want to make beautiful things
I just want to make beautiful things

I don't really know what the day gonna bring
And I don't know a lot about the truth that I sing
Nah, but I know a few indisputable things
And I just want to make beautiful things

I'm'a build it, for the sake of building it, don't matter if they come
I'm just getting off on doing something with my thumbs
Oh so opposable, and big ol' monkey brain, mostly full
Just trying to make it beautiful - but still approachable
At times I am inscrutable, at others I am quotable
But notably i'm always saying something
Now watch me pray to nothing
Saying please just let me shape you into spires and minarets
Entire universes built and I aint even ate my dinner yet
Better spin a web, catch a fly beat, don't mind me
I'm just here to undefined these
Fine lines (finally!) someone's gotta do it,
So i figure better get through it and put it behind me
So let's stop being so goddamn taxonomical
Consider this canonical now, and take a chronicle down
If y'all attempt appraisal this'll knock your monocle out
Go slap a label on some other sucker's prodigal sound

And now before I medicate my spirit with mothballs
I would like to dedicate this here shit to all y'all
Trying to make a thing or two that's beautiful
Before you're relegated to a coffin or a cubicle
I'm crossing off a few of my to do before i dies
'cause I prioritize, I've still got a few surprises
In store - then i'm knocking off early
Gotta hit the store before I'm knocking on the pearlies
Surely, y'all know it's purely
Done for the love first then the pride
Thirdly the fun on the side
And when i'm done for the night
I can go to bed satisfied
Knowing i'm a victim of beautiful things
I rise to the top of the pack or pride
The herd or the murder, don't act surprised
I get absurd and absurder, then back to wise
Make a beautiful thing, give it wings and let it sing


from The Beautiful Single, released July 6, 2013
Words by Marcus Carab. Beat by Phantom Ping.




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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