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my my, I'm beside sky, and space-adjacent
i'm'a sit here and critique the placement of the constellations
like: fuck you! that aint no lion
I aint buying it, now be quiet
i prefer count the stars in silence
one, two, three, four... fuck it - to hell with that
i'ma run up there and Pierce it like poor suckers stuck on helipads
that's quite the panoply for what is just a canopy
and this is like insanity for all intents and vanities
purposeless and more or less courseless
lost out where the dolphin gangs mug porpoises
of course this is what courses between choruses
you're lucky it's not corsets and deforested clitorises
tomorrow it's important to retain
some engorgement in the brain
and divorce it from the pain
it's sorta morbid, but it sticks
Drink Marcus Carab's Miracle Mind Enhancing Tonic
you dumb hicks!
they bought it with one click, that's some trick
i'm quicker than your risk factors and asterisks
and i don't care if he fumble the drumstick
i'm rhyming when it's nothing but one snare and one kick
and what if i hit it splitting ozones, i am MC CFC
they're gonna be livid when it's doomsday and I got the BFG
i'm gonna be sitting on a satellite at night and gravity
won't dare defy me no I'm rising 'til the sky's beside me


from Rhyme Circus Act One, released July 16, 2013




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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