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Blurred Lines, Whatever That's What It's Called Fuck You

from by Marcus Carab & Pals



The lines get muddy and the borders bleed
Like the tide that's dividing up the shores and seas
Like ink in water we're losing definition at our bounds
And diffusing ever thinner in a cloud

I had cardboard shoes
But when I started to march they wore through
I better find a star port soon
'Cause my heart aint in this big blue nightmare
A pig flew yesterday and I had a new idol
A big breakfast for the early morning suicidal
Stand right there, y'all make a fine pair
I'll take Swine Air, I prefer the sty in the sky
And the lie's looking far more true
So I decided to buy and scored two
When the fuzzy city limits evaporate
That parade is gonna have to wait
We got kings to decapitate
And my appetite's growing but there aint no food
Oh I sowed and sowed but so few grew
No it just don't matter what I do
It's dark when it's sunny
And then my vision go funny

And all the lines get muddy, the borders bleed
Like the time that's dividing up the morn and eve
Like an old time movie you can call it black & white or night & day,
But it's all just muddy middle shades of grey


from Rhyme Circus Winter Special EP, released March 24, 2014
Music by Emtee-L (Adam Bé)




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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