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Meet the lion tamer,
The wire-walker, the fire-eater
The ring leader and cage cleaner,
That's the whole goddamn circus
Plus the inner workings of its purpose
As conveniently obscured by a marquee'd surface
Where there's bears on bikes
And the flawed part of the god particle
The raw starter of the of a whole new odd model
This is not a drill and not
your run-of-the-mill natural disaster
this the atom smasher, galaxy collapser
says the waxer intellectual,
rebuttals ineffectual,
I bet you all a pretty penny
this'll see you bitter enemies
one spitting seminars,
the other sitting sedentary
some'll skip the pleasantries
and go straight to the seminary
now I'm Burmese royalty
but Anglo-Saxon
And I line up my next shot
with the angled backspin
Yo, you heard 'bout those newfangled brain scans
that claim to tell an average jack from a rain man?
Oh, you have? Well then how do you explain that?
Yeah me neither, maybe it's time to wear a foil hat
Or maybe all of it's
just latter-day phrenologists
And my cortex glows red
gets defensive of its solipsism
And functional MRIs are reminiscent of Rorschach blots
And that's just a coincidence
but brings premonitions of more bad thoughts
Like my conviction's just convection
driven by a single little candle flame
The rest is just brownian motion
In a random game
Can I expand the frame?


from Rhyme Circus Act One, released July 16, 2013




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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