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Dead Rocket Robots Pt. 1

from by Marcus Carab & Pals



i've been known to solve unknowns, and draw out poems
the loner in me gets a boner for fallout zones
i have flown up in a throne stuck in the nose-cone of the drone
delivered payloads say hello down below
come and play [be afraid!] love is strange [we're in range!]
nothing stays, bluffing pays, huff some paint [bombs away!]
i want to hawk odd concoctions in the tonic days
be a great binger in virginier in a chronic haze
now that's what i call holidays, i'm off in space
coughing in a coffin dropping off of telescopic range
it's the red eye to jupiter,
cooped up screwing with computers choosing losing lucidity
superman saying screw it, moving to a new city
and turn into a luciadore refuse pity, it's luther's turn
is this a do or die truth-or-burn universe?
who knew that you were right all along superchurch?
if I recoup the earnings squandered on this super-sermon
turns out it was worth it - fuck, you know i think I'm really learning
something today, I wouldn't get drunk if it paid
and if I blunk you might have thunk this was a drunken tirade
but I think my eyes can tell you I can tell a club from a spade
or tell a flush from a straight
or see you blush when you raise, faker
if my quarry goes to ground i'll bore a quarry down
and cantaloupe the planet open, see who's sorry now


from Rhyme Circus Winter Special EP, released March 24, 2014
Music by Emtee-L (Adam Bé)




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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