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Fuckhiphop! feat. Mach Spitz & Grant Livesay

from by Marcus Carab & Pals



Rep resenters represent represent-sent
Rhyme circus no time like the present
Rep resenters represent represent-sent
Step-lepers straight plucked like a pheasant

Hold onto your hats kids
This gonna be tactless
Rappers getting weary
putting theory into practice
smack this up into a better tier
up into the mesosphere
rap is reinvented by my presence here
seven year itch on the back of the master
pitching from the stitches to the back and the catcher
i'll be sitting shiva when the track is remastered
like fuck hip hop, you magnificent bastard
up in your system like my name was the password
DJ with a hard drive, here to raid your archives
marcus is a far cry from your average barfly
think you got it figured out? well let's hear it smart guy
dark side tightrope balance is precarious
think you're making magic but there's malice in your fairy dust
and still it isn't scaring us, not enough to bury us
is that shit your best shot? because that's fucking hilarious
- and I can carry us straight to the heat death
of the universe i am weightless, don't need breath
i exhale verse, eat words and I bleed hooks
wondering if other emcees can even read books
if he want a battle on the fly i know he's cooked
I stared a muse in the eye - and she shook
i know you're confused but just try to relax
because we're doin this like brewin moonshine out back
i'm pursuing you blind but i'm right on track
you'll be moving through phases, i'm glued to your gazes
i know, the truth often amazes
but i'm not one to have faith with no basis
i'll put my money smack dab where my face is
if it seems tasteless try to contemplate this
if you knew you was who was setting all the pedigrees
who would you bet on? y'know, hypothetically

this is a whole new kind of vision that I'm setting free
this is a whole new kind of demon that's besetting me
this is the meaning and the truth of what a dreamer see
making the scene look like it's chewing on the scenery
this is the world encompassed in a word for all to see
this is a whole new kind of global hip hop policy
this is unstoppable it's hopeless no escaping free
this is a crazy huge explosion overtaking me

I got a rep, yep, and i'm'a straight perpetrate it
Fun times and gun rhymes And sometimes x rated
Crumb bums with down thumbs, I'm used to being hated
No likes from tykes for the hype we've created
But that's ok, cuz I'ma keep dropping tracks
And wack jacks in backpacks can tell me to relax
But I'm a shark son the dark one the fish you don't poke
Jaws on the stage, grab a cage or get broke
Folk croak non-stop "yer shit's in the pawnshop"
While I'm rocking lawnjobs and waitin for the bombdrop
Rom-com wrecker with the spoilers
Way before my time like the oilers in 82
And I'ma say to you "yer tripping"
Wack sadsacks meet the mad jacks, we rippin
Throats yanked, tongues planked and mounted
Young wankers stand up and be counted

But no ones even listening there's no one to hear
Take hip hop and fuck it in it's ear
No ones even looking yo nobody even sees
Fuck hip hop and kick it where it pees

here we go it's round two it's down to
the count and the ground-view
the crowd that surrounds you's
about to get a little hit of Marcus Carab
heartsick struck by the marksman cherub
and darkness scare 'em
one kick put you past sputnik
lug like a drumkit
would you have thunk it?
battleship? sunk it
bullshit? debunked it
fast gear? cranked it
last beer? drank it
thanks kid
that shit
really hit the spot
now gimme what you got
can't stop me
I'm jimmying the lock
straight from the top spot
this is marcus the demmagog
a-k-a m-d-c don't get it wrong
but we can get along in time i suspect
if your style can admit that mine is the best
formalize that, sign it in a tie and a vest
i'll give you time to reflect, i think you'll find i'm correct

But no ones even listening there's no one to hear
Take hip hop and fuck it in it's ear
No ones even looking yo nobody even sees
Fuck hip hop and kick it where it pees

fuck hip hop?
why yes, we fornicate voraciously
found ourselves fondling
roundabouts cirque du soleil
traipsing o’er syncopated tightropes
a team trapeze act to spark a flash mob light show
juggle verses with the finest of rhyme circus
acrobatic larynx lurches
for the loveliest of birds in
peacock tail feather dresses
perching stage-side with the fellas
pigeon-hearted darlings for the daring
and damn-well daunted
haunted by these daughters born of hip-hop mantras
emcee pitching a three-ring tent in Toronto
elephant in the room fed off cilantro? plausible,
but applause, cat calls, and faux pas
appear a more probable cause
spit fire fire eaters fueled by the fury and delirious
queer but us clowns clown for serious, period.
bleary eyed bastards like baboons to bananas
and buxom funambulists fidgeting for fan service
never shoot for Barnum sans a shot of baileys
guest represent the RC ‘til Emtee-L’s beat is fading...


from Rhyme Circus Winter Special EP, released March 24, 2014
Music by Emtee-L (Adam Bé)




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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