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Long Damn Night Pt. 2

from by Marcus Carab & Fresh Serf



And it's been a long night
of unanswered rain dances
take insane chances in vain
and strike strange stances
so we await with achy limbs
and brain cancers
ask ourselves a question
and get back an inane answer
If I pray backwards,
can I eat the higher power?
I am now a liar,
I am now a plumber with a fire flower
pleading hard got me a leading part misleading art
so bleeding hearts are being artless
leaving marks upon their leading starts
and I'm never parking this detoxifying wagon
meaning this is the last average legend of a giant dragon
and I'm dragging this here train of thought
to coffin straight from bassinet
of mud millennia ago
that's where amino acids met
if that's not dust to dust
I guess I don't know what that adage meant
I'm restless, she's a keeper,
like a sleeper never had a bed
not a toy, shoot 'em dead
'attaboy, move ahead
do it to the end
like you're pursuing the elusive bread
better settle bets 'cause you're a goner in the fight
of all the little differences between your song and mine
if i'm sloppy in the morning, if I cough and yawn and bite
I just need coffee, after all, it's been a long damn night


from Rhyme Circus Act One, released July 16, 2013




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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