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Mr. Synesthesia's Proud Affliction

from by Marcus Carab & Fresh Serf



Mr. Synesthesia
please I gotta seize ya
lean ya like a Piza
tomb ya like a Giza
loser screaming Bees! Ahh!
dude please ease up
gonna have a seizure
and i'm not fucking helping
ever seen a vid where a seagull ate a pelican?
hell no! well then, this'll be inelegant
relegate the emcee's soul back to hell again
tell him it's a felony if he's not a metalhead
but Synesthesia don't want candy
sometimes indulges in wine gums and brandy
and who needs acid i got rancid canned meat
plus I double-up when the airport scan me
i'm gonna be a fucking x-man any day now
eyes spraying rays out, mind flayer fake out
i'm the beta test for the omega man
popping in on keggers and, dropping in the beggar's can
hopping with a leg in hand, gonna need a peg to stand
tapped out for the night, chewing stegosaurus spikes
calling on the onslaught before the fort is fortified
got 'em saying syne's got a big voice for his height
more than i bargained for, darkened corners
bore forth dark barked orders
Synesthesia visions got him cutting through the door or
running from the blood wave pouring down the corridor

freebasing mace laced with pepto and ectoplasm
knew i'd get erect but really didn't expect orgasm

Syne' never get sick of media
went to check a name
and spent the day on wikipedia
couldn't move, it was Synesthesia-plegia
near catatonia, ether and ammonia
someday i'm'a flee to Patagonia, either that or Coney Island
i'm still deciding, but it won't be for a while in
any case, till then I'm eating at a steady pace
ready set stop like the heavyset cops
or the petty despot gonna get some heads chopped
and some letterhead stock, yeah printed on thick paper
and nice staplers legitimizing capers
dreamt of Mick Jagger with a mickey of Jaeger
drunk to a stagger and his dick shot lasers
he was fucking crazy had to hit him with a tazer
getting flipped-off by some pissed-off haters


from Rhyme Circus Act One, released July 16, 2013




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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