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Mr. Synesthesia's Wholesale Discount feat. Mach Spitz

from by Marcus Carab & Pals



Border personality like Buffalo
Apt to snap, go mean green like Ruffalo
Make no mistake not fake like the Gruffalo
So don't be starting no kerfuffle, yo
Because I'll make it put the lotion in the basket
Fuck up yer face, rocky Dennis, gotta mask it
Book you a room in a casket
I'll give you shot but know I'm gonna Tuuka Rask it
Cuz I'm the rap Eddie Haskell macking on yer mommy
The BC delivery, twice the salami
Jalapeño crust, sauce? Inch thick wasabi
You can smell this steez on the breeze from the lobby
Bust the kohlrabi, dust puns like I'm Punjab
Despicable me styles i moon-grab
I'm down with the noon-nap, the boom bap and poon slap
Straight up rocking, davey Crockett in a coon cap
This is for the teeners in betweeners into Biederbicke
Stock up on Weetabix pop lockin wiener dicks
Step to the words you know this fucking nerd'll wreck
Mach Spitz spittin hits rocking head locks and turtlenecks

And if the foal fails, dismount
And return it for the wholesale discount

whoosh, it was a near miss, a mere hiss
it smells weird in here and this beer tastes like piss
so let's keep on hopping down the streets
keep on talking on the beats
we be rocking out in threes
Synesthesia's a machine
the scene makes me wanna smack the emcees
chew through more two fours and bring back the empties
for the loose change, hit the con for booth babes
Synesthesia need a bit a hooch when he soothsay
doomsday! doomsday! no way - true say!
embrace your new fate cause it's too late to pray
HEY! i'm just messing with you, fuck, quit rioting
i seem to have released a leviathan deeply wired
inside of us better get the world's tiniest violin
i am tired of firing blindly into the sky
i'm in a fridge box with crayons drawing rockets and hubcaps
dizzy off a drop and turned on by mud flaps
i've done that, and if I recall I've also been there
mr. synesthesia living leisurely and impaired
till he's interred... and then dug up again
goddamn grave-robbers all wanna fuck with him
lucky them, clucking hens pucker for a buck and ten
what a gem, plucky and a sucker when he plug her in
scatter back for pink drinks with such-n-such
on a fast track to wink-wink, nudge-nudge
but i'll say more, try and stop me, yeah right
you'll just try and copy, yeah bite, drop the damn mic
the price hikes when the feed hand bites back
i'm don't have all the details, but it retails for twice that

And if your the fails, dismount
And return it for the wholesale discount


from Rhyme Circus Winter Special EP, released March 24, 2014
Music by Emtee-L (Adam Bé)




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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