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like up late, though...
gotta be up early
but, fuck it, let's do it up
with the hair up nice 'n curly
or head up north
soak up starlight on the front porch
hell I'm up for it
we leave at sunup straight upwards
i just picked up some shit i gotta grind up
nah fuck that man, i aint gonna line up just to sign up
like one of them dudes who sucked a line up and just lit up
and when to gym to hit up the girls that do situps
c'mon, perk up, cheer up, buck up slugger
though sure you done fucked up and mussed up your brothers
got your stuffed up mother all puffed up and flustered
waiting up for nine nights, like, straighten up and fly right
got up there was like
put up the tent, my oh my
but he came up bare
she upped and went, fine
don't get all uppity
i've had it up to here, it's bugging me
my inflamed upper knee's
done fucked up my day's routine
i wake up and scream
like: quick, bake up some green!
its tough enough makeup
keeping up this sheen
don't get wound up or all churned up
I found us a bud to burn up
so quick now round the herd up
some'll get lost, but they'll turn up
the upscale citizen
unfailing vitamins lifting him
who sped up n' fast tracked it,
to the upper tax bracket,
but getting up there
yeah, hair brushed up stunning & grey
like the pre-planned casket
for the up-up-and-away!


from Rhyme Circus Act One, released July 16, 2013




Marcus Carab Toronto, Ontario

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